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     My name is Katie Pogue and I currently teach 5th grade. This is my fourth year of teaching. I began my career teaching 3rd grade before receiving a job back in my hometown where I have taught 5th each year. I have a passion for this age group because they are old enough to get my sarcasm, but young enough to think school is still fun. My love is for mathematics, and this is the first year we have switched classes where I get to teach all of the mathematics in fifth grade. I graduated from Velma-Alma High School in 2005 and graduated with my degree in Elementary Education from the University of Oklahoma in 2010. Go Sooners!
       I come from a long line of educators. Both of my grandmothers and one grandfather were teachers. I also have an aunt, uncle, and three cousins who are teachers. To top it off, both my mother and father are teachers at Velma with me. It’s a family tradition! My dad also coaches basketball here in Velma, and I like to help out with the teams as much as I can. I was lucky enough to have my dad coach me in High School, so I really enjoy watching him every chance I get. I also love spending time in my pool and at our lake house. I love the outdoors!
    I live in the country with my husband and our son, Dawson. Dawson was born May 28, 2014, and our lives have been happier (and sleepier) since. There is truly nothing better than being a mom. I would say before Dawson, my two proudest moments were winning the State Championship in basketball and running a half marathon under two hours. However, the day I had Dawson he easily took the top spot.


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